Term Sheet-Pilot Project

Socrates International Sdn Bhd. is a local company in Malaysia with a background in managing and delivering education programs through its founder and the team working with it. The members who are working with Socrates International bring with them the expertise in terms of tertiary level and primary secondary level qualification. Socrates International has been invited to develop and manage refugee children in Malaysia via learning centres spread across Malaysia and to provide the Cambridge IGCSE qualifications. Socrates International is also well connected with the Arabic community in providing good quality affordable Arabic qualifications nationwide. It is also intending to manage colleges and private Universities progressively over the next 10 years. With this background, Socrates International today, has got the consortium of universities to resource the best delivery methods and practice for new engagements and to develop beyond Malaysia into the neighbouring regions a brand name – MapleTree Education to deliver affordable good quality, holistic, teaching and learning outcomes.

By Choosing MapleTree Education:

Step One:

Following the MOE (Ministry of Educations, Malaysia’s condition) every teaching & learning centre must have a legitimate registration and approved license with MOE as a school or a tuition centre. Socrates International shall facilitate step one with the application and documentation process with the Ministry for a Fee of RM50,000.00. The License shall be applied by Socrates International as a precondition to the franchise agreement with the Ministry of Education. Indicative timeframe for the approval shall be 60-75 days. The Ministry will invite Socrates International for a presentation to which Socrates will facilitate and present its franchise approach, vision and modus operandi.

Upon invitation from the Ministry for the presentation, The MapleTree Education Franchise Agreement shall be signed with a condition that a further payment of RM25,000.00 shall be effected only upon receipt of the license from MOE. The initial agreement shall be for three years and renewable for a further three years subject to the performance of the centre. A minimum number of 100 students annually is expected for the centre to qualify for the renewal. An annual franchise fee of 12% of its revenue is being favoured to the operator which shall be payable every six months (June:December) of each year.

Step Two:

Upon receipt of the License. The balance payment of RM25,000.00 shall be due. In total the fees in becoming a MapleTree Education Centre provider is RM100,000.00 as of June 1st, 2018.

The Operator will receive Operational Assistance. The Development and Operations team will guide the operator in students’ enrollment, administration and operation of the centre. A detailed manual (Learners Kit) as per the curriculum in focus will be provided to assist you in the daily operations of the MapleTree Education franchise.


Quality Teaching Materials, Tools and Equipment

Innovative and creative learning programmes have been carefully designed by a special team of experienced educationists. All materials will comply to the syllabus and curriculums selected by the respective centres.

Option One:    Δ     Tick the box if you are keen to consider this. A daily consultancy rate of RM1500.00 shall be applicable

Comprehensive Training and Development

All educators will have the option to receive comprehensive training conducted by our experienced educationist at the respective centre. Focus will be on how to prepare and to teach effectively, and how to recognise talents, and how to develop individual learning pathways for the students. A maximum of five educators can be trained for a minimum number of two days to achieve the desired results.


Option Two:    Δ     Tick the box if you are keen to consider this. RM 50.00 shall be chargeable for each exam paper per student per entry.

Centralised Exams, Performance Audits and Certifications

Respective centres will have the option to centralise their annual exams either annually or bi-annually in order to ascertain consistencies across centres for the respective child. A centralised exams department will manage these exams as well as perform an internal audit on the academic deliveries. Certificates of achievement will be awarded by Socrates International bearing the name MapleTree Education which is authorised by the Ministry of Education.



Socrates International would like to invite you to join us in the delivery of good quality education for the wider community. The company is determine by the potential that can be realised and actualised. Let us congratulate each other as we jointly embark on this journey to seek excellence for the community.