Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement – “Indrus-Demia”

The Centre for Industry Engagement develops courses that rise from solutions provided by industries in their process of gaining the edge in best practices that’s ever evolving with technology, policies and developments. These courses are then endorsed by the top 3% academia globally renowned universities both locally and internationally.

It aims to be an innovator, not tradition bound, providing post graduate education which is not only aligned to the sector needs but develops the graduate workforce with creative and innovative skills, with confidence invoked and the necessary social awareness to engage and lead the evolving era where data and technology will transform essentially all aspects of life.

Alan Lilley – Chair, Centre for Industry Engagement

Alan, a longstanding consultant and management training professional across prime industries, leads the centre. His international experience specialises on: Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing and Engineering.

The Board appointed Alan in August 2017 as the Chair. Alan is UK based and provides the Socrates-Gateway for globally renowned Universities to prove educational solutions and new questions across Asean and China regions where industrial growth from Agriculture, Marine, Fisheries, Manufacturing, Automotive, Aviation and Banking and Finance is constantly in a growth-flux.


Socrates, in recognising the gap between academic qualifications and the needs of industry and commerce, notably in Asean and China regions, has formed this centre whose objectives are:

  • To work with the various sectors and trade bodies to understand their needs and tailor academic programmes to support these
  • Source proven world ranking academic programmes which can be aligned to the needs of the sectors
  • Deliver programmes in their various campuses throughout these regions

In fulfilling these objectives, Socrates seeks to produce high calibre and rounded qualification which will attract top calibre students whose skills will be sought after by the various industrial and commercial sectors.



Traditional education in many places has remained insular with a narrow focus on teaching core subjects without inspiration of context. Socrates recognises that excellence in core topics based on examination results alone is not the best foundation for careers – breakthrough to new thinking is overdue to serve the future needs of the commercial and industrial environment.

These environments are entering a new era where data and technology have combined to transform essentially all aspects of our lives. Graduates who will become value added employees must not only learn the core topic without compromise in rigour, but have their creative and business skills similarly developed – this sought after awareness will be vital to their employers to develop and sustain a competitive edge in their sector.

Approach – Academic Qualifications and Industry & Commerce Goals Merged

Our belief is that by directly engaging industry specialists’, led by Alan Lilley, we will have the expertise to break with tradition and produce graduates whose core excellence has been elevated and creativity inspired – graduates who will be well equipped to enable their employers to pioneer and capitalise in this new era where technology will be all pervasive.

MBA and Post Graduate Programmes

Alan leads the post graduate acquisition programmes and will use his expertise to source programmes which have high global rankings. The target is to produce for example – a “flagship MBA” customised such that:

  • Graduates meet the needs of the employers in terms of core content, with creative potential and inspiration unleashed
  • Programmes which are a cultural fit the Asean/ China market – branded with global perspectives, content and standards